World over, countries are increasingly focused on facilitating an innovation ecosystem. The conditions may well be favorable and startups do try to take care of all aspects, but growing the business isn’t always easy. While there could be a variety of reasons for startup failure, 56% of the time it boils down to marketing problems.

From ensuring a product-market fit to conveying the value proposition to your target audience, a systematic approach is important to succeed. With 95% of purchase decision-making taking place in the subconscious mind, branding should be your first stop.

5 key considerations for startup branding


With 77% of consumers making purchases based on brand name, you need to arrive at a well-thought-out choice. Your brand name should be short, catchy, easy to pronounce and recall, internationally extendable, and bear association to your product or service.


Copying the identity of a successful company may not be prudent. A unique brand identity that reflects your story and brand personality helps you stand out and deliver more value in the long run.


Since 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from an authentic brand than from a dishonest one, congruence in personal values and your brand’s character is imperative. It comes across as sincere and fosters trust, both in consumers and investors.


Maintaining consistent brand presentation across platforms has shown to increase revenue by up to 23%. From your business card to your social networks and website, all channels of communication should follow your brand guidelines.


Approaching design purely based on current trends can be restrictive in future. A long-term view that minimizes the need for rebranding or frequent brand refresh, bolsters relevance and brand recognition.

3 ways in which we can help

Enter the world of business with your brand perfectly packaged. What it entails is a set of templates, guides, and resources to help you gain visibility for your products – both in physical stores and online search. We ensure you have all the building blocks as well as the inspiration to nurture your brand and increase adoption, multifold.

Advertising & Branding

Effective branding and communication can be a game changer that lets your startup compete with bigger and more established brands. Right from creating your brand identity to increasing awareness with the right communication, we can assist at every stage.

Digital Presence

Online marketing campaigns backed by a well-designed website or landing page can get customers flocking to your products and services. From creating a wireframe to optimizing your website content for search engines, we can get you the leads you’re looking for.

Business Solutions

The right questions combined with the right technology can help define your requirements and give shape to the final product; whether that product itself is your core offering or we’re creating a solution to enable your business.

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Having been through the entire journey of setting up, establishing and scaling services, we can help nurture your brand. What you need is a customized plan to carve out a niche, grow your business, and become a leader in your category. Reach out to us to discuss solutions tailored to your marketing goals and budget.