6 lessons for marketers and brands from 2022

Key learnings as we enter the New Year.

Here’s a quick read based on a compilation of our learning capsules in 2022. You’ll find six focus areas – design, content, website, SEO, digital marketing, email marketing – with curated marketing and advertising insights from each. Happy reading!

1  Design

Debranding – simplifying logos and designs – looks to be the way forward for brands in order to be digital and mobile-friendly, bring credibility, and promote brand recall.

  • A clear visual hierarchy for webpages, taking into account common F and Z page viewing patterns, can increase user engagement
  • Choosing brand colors involves evaluating your brand identity, color psychology and cultural nuances, and competitors’ colors
  • When pure black (#000000) is used with white (#FFFFFF), it may create too much contrast; use color codes of gray instead

2  Content

Storytelling is a powerful medium to create persuasive content, keeping your target audience and purpose in mind – it is memorable, conversational and motivational.

  • The story package framework gives you 4 personas – poet, professor, promoter, or performer, depending on your objective
  • Your copy-editing checklist should include steps to structure the content, improve word usage, remove redundancies, and limit each paragraph to one thought
  • Applying Aristotle’s wisdom – Ethos (character) for credibility, Pathos (emotion) for connect, Logos (reason) for logic backed by proof

3  Website

Optimizing your website performance should take into account user experience, storytelling in content, lead generation, and social media engagement for inbound marketing.

  • To build a high-converting landing page, establish your USP clearly, enhance your form and CTAs, present social proof, communicate features and benefits
  • Switching from HTTP to HTTPS can have a lot more benefits than security – sales impact, user trust, web traffic, search visibility
  • For better user experience – reduce cognitive overload, implement breadcrumbs, responsive website, personalization through custom CMS (Content Management System)

4Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The focus has shifted from keywords to topics. By implementing a pillar-cluster model, you can help search engines understand the semantic relationship between pages.

  • Begin with a content strategy, engage in competitor research, identify intent behind search queries, and realign your site structure
  • Ensure quality content that answers users’ queries (long-tail keywords and phrases); monitor core web vitals – speed, responsiveness, visual stability
  • Optimize pages for featured snippets which appear on top of the search results, use a compelling meta description to improve click-through rate

5Digital Marketing

Digitalization has blurred the lines between B2B and B2C. Your B2B marketing strategy should include content, email, search engine, social media, customer testimonial, webinar and influencer marketing.

  • 76% of marketers say that webinars help them reach more leads, 75% say it extends brand reach, and 69% say it helps scale marketing efforts
  • Leveraging behavioral retargeting with paid ads can ensure an average click-through rate 10X that of a typical display ad
  • Online brand communities improve customer loyalty, build brand equity, increase sales, reduce customer support and market research costs

6Email Marketing

With dark mode here to stay, ensure your email designs are effective by testing in both light and dark formats – keep images and icons transparent, use white strokes/translucent outlines for dark text and icons.

  • A handy email preflight checklist – test every link, ensure the email is viewed as intended, confirm the content and messaging are appropriate, and the right names and addresses are used
  • Thank-you emails are underutilized – they generated a 42% open rate and 14% CTR, when compared to 12% open rate and a 6% CTR for generic marketing emails

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