What makes Laravel the most popular PHP framework?

Know why 626,182 live websites use Laravel

This open-source PHP framework for rapid web development is reliable, easy to use, and has the support of a large online community. Read on to appreciate why Laravel is such a useful framework for web development.

Laravel – all you need to build modern web applications

  • Simplifies common and repetitive tasks in projects
  • Supports expressive yet simple syntax for easy and creative coding
  • Includes Object Oriented libraries not found in most frameworks
  • Follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture

Leverage Laravel to build and scale your online business

  • Improve your website’s response time with in-built tools
  • Expand your website’s reach with multi-language support
  • Handle fluctuating web traffic smoothly with load balancing
  • Secure your codebase and data with out-of-the-box user authentication
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications using API

Leading companies across industries are using Laravel

Pharmaceutical giants to online marketplaces, media channels to crowdfunding platforms, all have turned to Laravel for its adaptability and scalability.

  • Pfizer
  • BBC
  • 9GAG
  • TourRadar
  • Crowdcube

With over 10 years of combined experience in Laravel,
we have delivered several large web projects.

  • E-commerce Website – Liplock Chocolates
  • Job Portal – SAP India Career Portal
  • Community Websites – Growth Matters Forum and Singapore SAP User Group
  • Lead Management Website for SAP India

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