4 ways to make your content more engaging through storytelling

Discover a simple and practical framework.

Content writing should be less about constructing and more about creating content that excites your audience. Storytelling can be the differentiator even with informational pieces. Here’s a framework that you can use to breathe life into your content.

Why stories are a powerful medium in marketing

  • Memorable: Help your customer experience rather than just read your message
  • Motivational: Prompt the reader to take action and move through the sales funnel
  • Conversational: Bring the audience closer, building a relationship with your brand
  • Exciting: Take boring/old content and revitalize it based on your customers’ needs


  • Objective: Sell a completely new idea or change a prevalent belief
  • Ingredients: Human character, desire, relationship, truth, resistance, challenges


  • Objective: Share your opinion on something or bring more clarity
  • Ingredients: Thesis, rationale, point of view, opposition, implications


  • Objective: Get a buy-in or commitment to a specific course of action
  • Ingredients: Old-world and new-world scenarios, trigger


  • Objective: Evoke a particular feeling based on human psychology
  • Ingredient: Emotion

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