A handy guide to website optimization

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Website optimization involves a meticulous approach, starting with a complete audit of your web pages, identifying the reasons why web traffic and conversion is below par, and arriving at a strategy to fix it. Read all about our process here.

How to interpret the current status of your website

  • Performance: How long does it take to show content
  • Accessibility: Is the page usable by people with impairments
  • Best Practices: Does the page follow modern web development practices
  • SEO: Is the page optimized for search engine results ranking

User experience

F-shaped pattern and grid layout

  • The most common page viewing pattern is where users’ eyes track in a F-shape across the screen
  • Improve usability and functionality by arranging content in a clean grid structure
  • Organize content on all pages into short paragraphs/ bullets with H2, H3, H4 headings

Easy access to product and service information

  • Keep the navigation simple, intuitive, and consistent throughout
  • Expand the primary navigation bar to include links to all relevant product/ service/ other pages
  • Add a search bar for visitors to easily locate content related to specific products

Redundant actions

  • More actions mean more effort/thought which can lead to a higher bounce rate
  • List all the steps to complete a task and remove redundancies
  • Remove/ fix/ add content for any broken links on the website

Mobile-first approach

  • Mobile now accounts for over half of web traffic worldwide
  • Use a responsive layout adaptable to different screens, to improve the user experience
  • Optimize the images (sizes) to reduce scroll and improve page load time, which will increase SEO as well


Structured content

  • Informative homepage, establish credibility with user testimonials and customer story snippets linked to case studies
  • Separate campaign page with unique URL for major products/ services, with content organized into problem statement, solution, differentiation, user testimonials
  • Integrate videos, infographics, charts, and other visual content to grab users’ attention

Localization of content

  • Builds trust with visitors, ensures cultural relevance, establishes authority and knowledge
  • Country-specific subdomain with localized product/ service information, customer stories, testimonials, and marketing campaigns

Lead generation

Enquiries and user interaction

  • 70% of business B2B websites lack a clear call-to-action leading to lost sales opportunities
  • Include relevant CTAs on all pages for users to easily submit an enquiry without having to visit the Contact page
  • Enable a chatbot to conveniently address user queries 24/7


  • Place an enquiry form on the homepage banner to capture details for sales follow up
  • Implement a newsletter subscription/ free offering such as a whitepaper for visitors to enter details and download

Social media engagement

Inbound marketing strategies

  • Enable promoters -> Analyze traffc -> Post regularly -> Optimize content -> Retarget audience
  • Leverage research reports relevant to your target audience for lead generation
  • Keep brand name top-of-mind during events, by hosting interviews with prominent leaders
  • Encourage employees to be promoters by sending internal mailers on CSR and customer/ employee recognition, to be further shared
  • Find unique ways, using striking visuals (photo collages and videos), to demonstrate the functionality of new products/ services

With experience working on several large websites, we take care of the process end to end.

From optimizing your current website to building campaign pages and marketing them, we offer the entire gamut of services.

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  • Email & SMS marketing
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  • SEO, SEM & SMM

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